Legends From Turand

Bridges of Turand

Humiliated by his final confrontations with Alexa Maraná, Sifiq King Bin-Lot encourages ruthless raids against Turand. Furious over Alexa’s captivity and abuse, Gregor recalls his solemn pledge to protect his beloved Turand from further Sifiq aggression. All efforts for a peaceful solution fail. Facing daunting odds but determined to end Sifiq threats to their family and country, King Gregor and Crown Prince Nikolai decide on the one action Bin-Lot will never expect. In the meantime, recovered from her agonizing ordeal, Alexa responds to mystic voices speaking through her dreams. Guiding her to bridge time and tragedies, the voices lead Turand’s Queen and High Priestess to the astonishing revelation of why King Gregor is so different from other Turandans. Alexa must then search her soul for the courage to leave home and her children to deliver the miracle Gregor will need to stop the Sifiq from ever threatening Turand again.


Maincrest Media writes: “Valencia is adept at writing her themes into the actions and temperaments of her deeply compelling characters… In addition to characters we know and love, Bridges of Turand introduces…new characters who not only stand on their own, but add an entirely new dimension to the book’s dynamics

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Continuing on from Song of Turand and Return to Turand, Bridges of Turand is a book about love of country, love of family and friends and romantic love between King Gregor and Queen Alexa. Following Queen Alexa's return to Turand after her capture and torture in the Sifiq kingdom, peace and tranquility is temporarily restored to Turand. Sifiq King Bin-Lot orders violent raids against Turand. King Gregor and Prince Nicholai of Turand attempt to restore peace to no avail. Once again, as with all of her previous books, Sandra Valencia's writing drew me into the story as if I was actually in the scene, observing. Her writing is that descriptive and powerful that there is never any doubt or confusion, nor is there ever any need to turn back a page or two and re-read a passage to be sure of what she seemed to mean. From the descriptions of people to describing a scene, everything is made crystal clear. Action scenes are so intricately and expertly described, it's easy to lose one's self in the battle, as though you are truly there. Bridges of Turand brings together some prior subplots and characters as well as some new ones that have been brought to life in this wonderful new book. Ms Valencia's incredibly talented way of developing characters leaves the reader feeling they, too, know them well. Past readers will not be disappointed, and new readers will be able to pick up the plot and not be confused because they may not have read the first two books in the series... yet. One thing is for sure, readers won't put this book down because they want to. They will do it because real life gets in the way.
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Review: Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite
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Bridges of Turand: Ode to the Heroes is a work of fiction in the fantasy and adventure subgenres, and it forms the third book of the Legends from Turand series. It is best suited to the adult reading audience owing to some moderate adult content and themes, and it was penned by author Sandra Valencia. In this gripping continuation of the series, the war goes on between the Turandan people and the violent Sifiq, led by the villainous King Bin-Lot. As Gregor’s rage rises over the ill-treatment of his wife by the Sifiq, he and Crown Prince Nikolai devise a solution that will bring about war but may solve their problems in a way the Sifiq will not expect. Author Sandra Valencia has a wonderful way of contextualizing her work so that newcomers and faithful readers alike can dive straight into this tale and feel engrossed no matter how long ago they may have read the previous works in the series. I was immediately immersed in the lore, history, and culture of Turand, and very impressed by the fully-faceted worldbuilding that covers everything to make the people of this land seem as realistic as our own historical figures and places. Queen Alexa’s story was the most emotionally riveting to me, and the mystical fantasy elements at play in her part of the plot were intriguing but also realistically woven into the story to make them highly believable. Overall, I would certainly recommend Bridges of Turand to fans of the series, and the series in general for readers seeking epic fantasy with solid and engaging world-building, cinematic description, and engaging, fully realized characters you can really get to know and root for
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Book Review of Bridges of Turand by Sandra Valencia
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Sandra Valencia does it again with Bridges of Turand: Ode to the Heroes, the third instalment in her breathtaking, Legends from Turand series. Fans of her first two books will not be disappointed, but they may be devastated. In Bridges of Turand, Alexa has finally returned to her rightful place as High Priestess Valkana, restoring Turand to its state of spiritual harmony. Trouble, however, does not escape Turand for long. For the first time, and against Alexa’s better nature, King Gregor and his council decide to bring the fight to the Sifiq kingdom to end their decades long conflict once and for all. Filled with equally as many joys as sorrows, the book sees our heroes embark on a series of journeys alongside new friends and old ones in a tale of magic, war, and the powers of love and family. Readers do not get to revel very long in the return of the series protagonist, Alexa; for, at the book’s opening, Valencia foreshadows the death of a major character in the series, immediately establishing the theme of loss, which recurs throughout all three books in the trilogy. Her portrayal of the suffering we endure when we lose what we hold most dear is as profound as ever, whether that loss be of a loved one, an ideal, or connection to ourselves. Following the reveal of this major death, the rest of the book is told via flashback, an interesting choice that sets Bridges of Turand apart from the other books of the series. Valencia is adept at writing her themes into the actions and temperaments of her deeply compelling characters, who remain one of the trilogy’s standout features. In addition to the characters we know and love, Bridges of Turand introduces a slew of new characters who not only stand on their own, but add an entirely new dimension to the book’s dynamics. Valencia reprises the signature style of prose that made her first two books so enchanting; the book’s pages are filled with vivid, almost magical descriptions of the landscapes that bring Turand to life in the reader’s mind while conveying powerful themes just beneath the surface. At some points, Bridges of Turand reads almost like poetry; at others, readers are gripped by the contrasting physicality with which Valencia describes the actions of her characters. This balance and juxtaposition of figurative and concrete language not only sets Valencia apart from her contemporaries but finds a special home in this addition of the series. In this way, it is clear that the more she has built on the universe of Turand, the more intimately she herself has come to know it and the more masterful she has become at imparting it to the reader. In Bridges of Turand, Sandra Valencia replicates everything we love about the Legends from Turand series and finds new, exciting, and heart-breaking ways to keep us on the edge of our seats.